You are a corporate reseller or an integrator

Want to streamline your purchases? We have solutions for you!

Our expertise:

Increase your productivity by freeing yourself from
time-consuming activities


Sourcing of IT products and services

Stipulation of the request

Search for products and solutions or their equivalents at the best price

Delivering quotes and purchase orders according to each stakeholder’s process


Outsourcing your purchases

Support for all your purchases

Sourcing, edition of quotes

Order tracking

Managing deliveries and conformity


Customer support

Our job is to significantly reduce the number of suppliers in the supply chain to avoid unnecessary expenses and generate significant savings.
Our strategic supplier rationalization solutions, coupled with a dedicated project tracking platform, allows you to focus solely on business and keep your mind at peace.
As for our teams, they focus on managing orders deemed unconventional for the French to generate significant savings and an increased return on investment. In addition, we reduce the risk of non-compliance and unnecessary expenses.
We make ourselves available to you by offering a unique, adapted, and consolidated service.
Because we work closely with all the most reliable and world-renowned IT software editors and manufacturers, we are always able to say “yes” to help you close your deals.
Our expertise in streamlining suppliers also allows us to simplify sometimes complex processes. As a result, you focus on your core business and no longer worry of IT business and end tail purchases (hardware, software, services).

The SMLB-NEXT advantages


The SMLB-NEXT advantages,

by accessing the largest open catalog on the market


Simplify your acquisition process,
our teams manage all orders according to your process


Ensure the satisfaction of your teams,
by benefiting from an interlocutor who will respond to your requests with actual knowledge of your project



Master all your purchases, from order to support,
thanks to our proprietary project tracking portal


Save time and security,
based on the expertise, involvement and understanding of our teams.


The SMLB Groupe Ecosystem

Find all the solutions you need
with our marketplace



Keep an eye and your hands at any time on each of your projects with our solutions


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