You are a publisher, a manufacturer, a service provider

You want to simplify the marketing of your offers
for the French market?
We have solutions for you!

Our expertise:

Making you save time and earn new customers with ease!



Business Development

Identification of business opportunities

Marketing support

Supplier referral

Quote, order management and follow-up

Managing deliveries and compliance

Billing and settlement


Managing the distribution of your solutions

Managing your distribution channels in France

Supplier referral

Quote, order management and follow-up

Managing deliveries and compliance



Supplier referral

Support for referencing from resellers, purchasing companies or end-customers

Requests handling

By leveraging our 25 years of experience in the French IT sector, you ensure the efficiency of the marketing of your solutions, thus avoiding a waste of time and money.
Our knowledge of all the stakeholders in this specific ecosystem and the different links in the distribution channel allows you to quickly implement your solutions within the market.
In addition, dealing with a large number of projects on a daily basis gives our teams a global outlook of customer expectations: a major advantage in quickly detecting new opportunities.

The SMLB-NEXT advantages


Gain customers on the French market,

relying on an actor who masters your processes and those of your customers



Ensure your business a better visibility,

and grow with new opportunities



Fluidify your relationships with your customers and users,

benefiting from a single interlocutor with a global knowledge of your case


Master your projects from start to finish,

through our proprietary project tracking platform


Save time and peace of mind

Thanks to the expertise and involvement of our teams

The SMLB Groupe Ecosystem

Gain visibility with retailers and end customers with our marketplace


Keep your hands on each of your projects in real time with our solutions


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